10 June Newsletter 2017

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From: Ardougne
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Greetings all,

Happy weekend! Here's your weekly newsletter. As mentioned in the last newsletter we have some irons in the fire including slayer and treasure trails, so here's some updates on our progress.

First up, the development of slayer which we are hoping to have live as soon as possible. We've designed and implemented the 6 taskmasters of unique location, appearance and background. Each master has unique tasks, and each task has unique weight so some are less likely assignments than others. Each slayer master also has their own slayer store with items relevant to their tasks.
WxaLNhE.pngLow to high lvl slayer masters: Captain Katrina (Lumbridge), Sir Malik Varze (Falador), Archmage Sal (Varrock), Lady Valyrie (Ardougne), Yotto (Gnome Stronghold), and Xae'Kor (Lost City)

We implemented slayer points system which will be used to buy new perks, or extend or skip your current assignment, as well as a slayer task streak to award bonus points for consistency.

And of course, we've implemented special items which you will need to equip or have in your inventory to defeat the custom slayer monsters. There will be some cool new equipment relevant to specific slayer assignments. There will also be the wildly coveted rare drop Slayer Mask from certain slayer NPCs, you'll have to stay tuned on Discord for real-time updates on progress.

Second, here's our progress on bringing clue scroll treasure trails to RuneScape Classic. We've added a clue scroll interface to visually display the clue, which you could see in the last newsletter. In addition, you'll be able to go on easy, medium, and hard-difficulty treasure hunts, and so far we've implemented five (5) types of clues for the scrolls:
-Anagram (rearrange letters in the clue for name of NPC to talk to)
-Cryptic (enigmatic sentences about where to go or what to do)
-Equip (have certain equipment worn)
-Map (you must use a rough map to figure out where to go)
-Simple (literally tells you what to do or where to go)
The clue scroll difficulty affects the difficulty of subsequent clues and the number of steps to find the treasure, as well as the drop tables for the treasure.

And of course, the most coveted treasure trails rewards will be the trimmed platebodies, and colorable/trimmable large helmets we have drawn/implemented, with legs and god armors on the way:

Next, a sneak peak of the updates that we will actually push before the above! These will be in our next update:

-Adding a 1v1 combat area to the eastern wilderness, which is hardly ever used in its current state. There will be some additions there to motivate players to venture out into those easterly areas. Possible boundaries:

-Releasing an all-in-one new compatible launcher, which should resolve most issues surrounding the client.

-Running an exciting summer event, where players will gain Summer Tokens for skilling and for NPC kills, with highly desirable new rewards to be announced.

Finally, I'll touch on some of the updates we have planned for the future after slayer and treasure trailers are completed:

-Replicating Shilo Village quest, then finishing the remaining quests after that (Digsite and Legends) to move toward 100% replication.

-Dueling updates are planned, like being able to choose new equipment tab rules e.g. rings disabled.

Let us know what you think and what you're the most excited to see in the comments!

Billy, n0m, and RSCRevolution Staff

I'm Billy, I run RSCR with n0m and nisti!
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lol Billy Mays' Quest Reviews lol

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From: Pleb Nation
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Looks really cool, just another skill for me to hit 99 in lmao.

The 1v1 area would be nice get some good rewards in that area for some skills that would bring players out there , or get a teleport near that location so we can find some 1v1 action.

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nice can't wait until update lol


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I didn't get to take new pictures much, I'll update the thread soon.

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Slayer mask for the win

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From: Seattle
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1v1 area sounds dope!!


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gaylord Send PM


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Can't wait for Slayer! The slayer masters look really, cool too.
The only thing that bugs me is what you guys named the Falador master.. Here is a quote from RS wiki of Sir Amik Varse:  As with many of the White Knights, his name is a play on words; when spoken with, it sounds like "ceramic vase".

Maybe change his name from Malik Varze to Likma Arze (lick my arse) or something. Just my opinion

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Soooooo excited for slayer!!!!!!!!

supersonny2 Send PM


From: Canada
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Sweet whats timer for 1v1 where someone else can attack you? I haven't been playing in a few days as i cleared my bank but will sure to be back before slayer comes out. Great job Billy and n0m!

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From: Westeros
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+1 Love it!

Winter Is Coming!

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From: Ardougne
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So it has been brought to my attention that Sir Malik Varze doesn't follow the pun-rule established for naming White Knights (Ceramic Vase/Sir Amik Varze, Survivin'/Sir Vyvin), so I'm thinking about instead of being Amik's brother Malik he might be renamed to "Sir Chan d'Stroi", from the east.

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lol Billy Mays' Quest Reviews lol

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-yells- ORANGE!!!!!!!!

-everyone gives you weird glares-

Random guy: lol wtf

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Ive been askin customers at work around my age if they ever played runescape and if they say something like "oh yea!" Then i tell them about your private server and how its android compatible and i just had two guys today be like "no way! Compatible with android??" And we talked about the game for a minute and they said they were checking it out after they leave.. Keep up the good work and the will to continue building and succeeding in your line of arts.
Saradomin bless X)