Ban Appeal Guidelines (Don't post in someone else's appeal!)

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So you've come to appeal a ban or some other punishment handed down to you from on high. Here's what to know when posting your appeal thread:

1) Name each character you are appealing along with information about your offense.
2) If there is additional evidence you wish to provide toward your innocence, you may do so privately in addition to your appeal.
3) Do not post on other peoples ban appeals or post ban appeals for other people.
4) Once an appeal is answered, do not post any more appeals for those characters.
5) Emails, PMs, in-game inquiries about bans will NOT be answered; use this forum instead.
6) Be honest! Respect goes a long way. If it doesn't help you get unbanned, at least it will foster a good relationship going forward.
7) We reserve the right to ban any character for automated play, real-world trading, malicious activity, or any serious violation or history of violations.

3xbQmDo.gifRead the rules: Automated play is a bannable offense!HtElPYg.gif
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