Doom Cult Questline & Hall of Maxed Characters

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Seems awesome. Think ill check this out

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My simple guide for this.

Chapter 1: Killing Hans
Requirement: Lvl-10 combat.

Hans is located in lumby castle. He is lvl 3. Kill him and return. reward: black 2h.

Chapter 2: Here's Jonny
Requirement: Lvl-18 combat.

jonny the beard is located varrok "Blue moon in" reward is some runes and fire staff.

Chapter 3: Arboreal Assassin
Requirement: Lvl-20 combat.

kill forresters in seers. reward: some logs, noted.

Chapter 4: Castle Crushers
Requirement: Lvl-35 combat, ability to traverse wilderness.

go lvl 13 wilderness and kill dark warriors (5 of them)
reward, arrows and bow

Chapter 5: Chronicles of Radick
Requirement: Lvl-40 combat.
Kill colonel radick in yannille. also 11 soldiers.
reward: robe of zamorak

Chapter 6: Who Necromances the Necromancers?
Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl-24 and lvl-34 monsters.
kill 2 necromancer and 16 zombies
they are located south of ardougne, east of clock tower
robe of zamorak

Chapter 7: Arabian Fights
Requirement: Ability to fight lvl-18 and lvl-32 monsters.
in al kharid kill warriors x6 and shanty pass guards and bring red card from there
reward: combatr exp

Chapter 8: Bandit Stamp
Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl-29 and lvl-39 monsters, and traverse wilderness.
go to bandit camp and kill monsters there, also speak with merchant
reward: combat exp

Chapter 9: Just Deserts
Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl- 31, lvl-45, and lvl-70 monsters.
kill desert wolf , camel and bedabin camp guard
reward: some food.

Chapter 10: Rage of Darquarius
Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl-51 and lvl-76 monsters.
go to traverly dungeon and kill jailer, lord darquarius get dusty key from explorer with jail keys.

Chapter 11: Game Ogre
Requirement: Ability to defeat lvl-58 and lvl-78 monsters.
go to south of yanille

Chapter 12: Dragon on the Ending
Requirement: Ability to defeat high level dragons and demons.
traverly dungeon: kill 2 blue dragon, 2 demons and 2 black dragons
reward: rune item

Chapter 13: Dragon on the Ending Pt. 2
Requirement: Ability to defeat high level dragons, and traverse wilderness.
Kill KBD 5 times, u cant use prayers here.
rune item

Chapter 14: Guardians of the Fallacy
Requirement: Ability to defeat four aggressive monsters in the level 251-255 range, one after the other. (Billy edit: they drain your prayer) Level 32 thieving.

head to wizards tower, u need lockpick here! u have to kill 4 high lvl monsters, u can use prayers here
zammy axe and combat exp

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The bloody axe has a cool "brandish" effect which makes it a highly sought-after item. Brandishing causes your character to be engulfed in flames, say one of three possible random Zamorakian phrases, as well as possibly summon an imp big_smile

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lol Billy Mays' Quest Reviews lol

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Finished it last night in a few hours off and on, pretty fun, first time actually ever fighting the KBD so that was interesting, he hits pretty hard.  Only thing I would say is for the final boss, they seem to drain your prayer very fast, i went from 64 down to 2 from from the first fight (only using it for part of the first one).  So unless its a bug, i would go in with full armor (i had robes on for better prayer).  May try it on my other few 90 "flats" this weekend to get a few more of those axes and runes, only problem is they dont have magic so, lot more running/dragon ammy swapping.

Overall great quest line, very fun.

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ty done ....  need to edit that guide ....


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Stats of axe? and any requirements besides mini-quest ?


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3 maxed accounts and i have asked multiple times and sents photos of my accounts so i could have 3 statues put up. What is going?

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JediMindTrix said:

3 maxed accounts and i have asked multiple times and sents photos of my accounts so i could have 3 statues put up. What is going?

no1 cares


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JediMindTrix said:

3 maxed accounts and i have asked multiple times and sents photos of my accounts so i could have 3 statues put up. What is going?

From what i understood,its not just about being maxed out.Its also about how you act as a player and how much you give to the community.
Being rude all the time and getting yourself banned all the time wont do any good for you.

Besides,we have like 25 maxed players here and all the statues wouldnt fit in there.