• Announcement:

RSCRevolution Transfers

This interface will allow you to transfer your character from RSCLegacy to RSCRevolution.


  • 1. Login using the username and password of the RSCLegacy forum account for character(s) you wish to transfer.
  • 2. Click "Transfer Characters".
  • 3. If any of your character names are unavailable on RSCRevolution, you will be notified with an error.
  • 4. In that event, use the free name changer in the character manager before trying again.
  • 5. The entire forum account and all its associated characters will be transferred to RSCRevolution.
  • 6. If the forum name is already taken on RSCRevolution, you will receive an error and have to change your forum account name at the RSCL profile settings before trying again.

Having issues with transfers? Join our discord and reach out to moderators

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