Update #14: Updates

God spells won't delete game objects anymore.
Chickens now drop 3, 7, or 10 feathers
Once you talk to first character in tutorial island it will now ask you if you want to skip the tutorial, since not many noticed the option in settings menu.
Pickpocketing is now batched in same way as other skills, once you fail it resets.
Yanille Agility shortcuts are now working
Salarin the twisted now has drops.

Players with less than 250 skill total will receive a +1.5 multiplier on experience rate, the bonus will work for skills less than level 75.
Fatigue rate for subscribers is divided by half.

Update #13: Batched amulet stringing and gem cutting.

-Amulet stringing is now batched
-Gem cutting is now batched.

Update #12: Bug Patch

-The Shop options 5, 10, 50 and X has been added with the real RSC dropping/raising price formula.
-Graphical bug with hits showing 0/hitsLevel after dieing from world damage, fixed.
-Family crest bug - if you've lost the piece of crest from the Chef, you can now get it back.
-Hazeel cult quest - now giving correct Thieving xp upon completing the quest.
-Minor dialogue text spam in Demon Slayer Quest removed.
-Gates dissapearing, fixed.

Update #11: The Hazeel Cult, and Bug fixes

-The Hazeel Cult Quest has now been released!
-Scorpion Catcher bug (if you lost your cage you couldn't get it again).
-The bug where you stand on top of a NPC and talking to it has been patched (replicated from real rsc).
-Npc Talk messages, Player Talk messages, Regular messages delay has been slightly corrected with real RSC delays.
-The characters and NPCs busy timer has been fixed. You will no longer stand still for several seconds after you've been talking to a NPC or after messages from an objects etc.. Npcs won't remain busy for several seconds after you've talked to them either.
-Door bug where the door opens from a distance but you won't walk through it (caused alot of quest issues since some quest doors takes your items), fixed.
-You can no longer bury noted bones, big bones, bat bones, dragon bones.
-Fixed the smithing menu from getting corrupted, caused to jump over menu options as well as giving wrong xp and items from the bars.

Update #10: New Quest & More

-The Grand Tree Quest.
-Gnome Glider Teleports replicated (Accessable after finishing Grand Tree).
-Spirit Tree Teleports replicated. (Accessable after finishing Grand Tree, some of the teleport trees requires Tree gnome Village).
-Gnome Mine replicated (Accessable after finishing Grand Tree).
-Batched Recharge of dragonstone amulets in the heros fountain. (Based on your crafting level). Crafting level 50 = 5 times etc..

Upcoming patch:
-Prepared for The Hazeel Cult quest (Evil and Good side).
-Started potion combining (all potions).
-Batching for Gem cutting.

Update #9: A couple fixes

-Fishing Contest bug where you turn in the your catch has been fixed.
-Earth Warriors are now aggressive in the edge dungeon.
-Earth Warriors now have their correct drop table.
-Tribal totem not giving thieving xp after completion added.
-Jewelers house (the door) in portsarim has been fixed.
-Councillor Halgrive is now added to his original spawn in east Ardougne.
-Gold ore spawn has been added in Brimhaven, in the seven gold rocks area.
-Missing paladins in the Ardougne castle has been added, as well as the two paladins outside the ladder attacking you when you try to go upstair the ladder. (replicated from real rsc).
-The missing ladder in the small house in Port Khazard has been added.
-You should now longer get stuck in the Plague city quest if you forget to bring the Hangover cure to bravek.
-1K coins has been added to the Paladin Chest.
-Hero's quest where you could redo the quest by repicking the candlesticks has been fixed.
-Tree gnome village did not accept your 6 wooden logs, fixed.
-The website calculators who were broken have now been fixed.
-A few moderation controls who were broken for moderators has been fixed, the forums should be easy to clean and moderate for the staff members now.

Other fixes that was fixed by n0m:
-Barbarian Agility Course gives bonus xp after completion.
-Witches House the door where you attach the magnet on the rat fixed.
-Spamming ladders causing you to teleport outside the world(map) has been fixed.
-The wilderness agility course gate caused you to freeze, fixed.
-Friendlist glitch has been solved.
-Noted items making your character glitch has been fixed.
-Thieving failrates has been changed, you should not be failing as much anymore.
-The staircase in Wolf Mountain teleporting you to wrong side of the cave has been fixed.
-The entrana boat leaving the island option has been added.
-Dragons fire breath graphical bug has been fixed.

Update #7: Website Update One

-Restyled the frontpage layout.
-Added a slider where we can have RSC images (Take screenshots ingame and send me them if you want your pictures to be in the slider).
-Added latest 10 updates on the frontpage left side with timestamp.
-Made our website more friendly to phones and tablets.
-Fixed a few styling issues in the forum board.
-A few minor fixes such as the input box in the calculator page.

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