Update #24: Bug fixes and missing content

-Projectile clipping should work nearly flawlessy.
-Auction house is now working again.
-Singlecombat PVP to level 1-3 all wild and up to 14 wild in varrock side.
-Added the yanille agility dungeon prayer altar trap.
-Coal trucks has been added and can carry 120 coals - Read more about it here: http://runescapeclassic.wikia.com/wiki/Coal_Trucks.
-Coal truck NPC 'Stankers' dialogue added.
-Rapid Restore and Rapid Heal working again.
-Tanner NPC has been fixed, gave you wrong amount of leather back.
-Fixed a bug where you could cook seaweed on fountains.
-Fixed a duel bug where stackables showed you wrong number.
-Replicated the bartender in Dancing Monkey Inn.
-Fixed the runes count reward in Underground Pass quest (150 death runes and 300 fire runes).
-Fixed the walking boundaries for the blue dragon in heros guild (it walked outside the cage).
-Corrected the grandtree obstacle which was preventing you from proceeding the Grand Tree Quest.
-Added stats to the poisoned rune spear.

Update #23: Additions, bug fixes, underground pass

-Underground pass quest
-Staff of iban
-Iban blast spell
-Klank gauntlets
-better projectile clipping
-Thieving fix - npc teleportation and interrupting a already in combat npc.
-New wilderness type rotation:  http://www.rscrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=5807
-The Progress Batch screen has a new layout and can be canceled by clicking at the GUIs cancel button at any time.
-Party system fixed bugs; Avatar updating, health bar updating, issues with leaving and inviting.
-bubbles above player head are now showing during batch too.
-NPC Behaviour and NPC updating changed.
-Cocolate bomb and Worm hole are now working (heals: 15 and 12hp).
-New sleeping Captcha system.
-Menu with tramp fixed for Shield of Arrav quest.
-Dragon breath fixed.
-Auction house reworked - this is the reason the server have been lagging at times (there was no DDoS attacks).
-Poisoned arrows are now working to shoot + added poison effect.
-Fixed click boundaries for bank right click deposit/withdraw
-Crafting molten glass will now give you your bucket back.
-Fixed battlestaff crafting checking your cooking level instead of
crafting level.
-Fixed issue where you would be unable to attack person who is being

Update #22: Website updates

-Added pagination to development page (Update log).
-Updated the Private Message system with Reply and email nofications.
-Added Contact button to the staff page for instant private message to any of our staff members.
-Changed the layout and separated the actual Shop & Buy tokens pages.
-Updated Highscores with Kills, Deaths, Total Experience and Total Level to general info for a character.
-Changed the account manager layout, with collapsing boxes for character settings/options.
-Made improvements for a fully mobile-friendly website.
-Added a Download page for our Clients and Web client with PC/Phone/Tablet requirements information.
-Changed the forum layout radically.
-Changed the Modal pop-up box layout / design.
-Frontpage changes; Tabs for content such as (News, Updates, Topics and soon Auctions).
-Added the Facebook like plugin to the right column on the frontpage.
-Added Social icons both in the footer and in the right column on the frontpage.
-Changed the layout of the poll.
-Updated the old slider on the frontpage.
-Added a private message icon to every user in the topic boards.
-Added a top navigation bar with account links and where your current tokens are now displayed.
-Added contact information options the forum profile for (Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft account, Website, Google+).
-Changed Table design I.E Highscore, Inbox, Calculators.
-Quick and Easy navigation on top of each non-forum related pages.
-Added a RSCRevolution logo to the top navigation bar.

Update #21: Potion Combining and more

-Added potion combining for all potions in the game except for Antidote, the Antidote potion is not working in our server yet (will be implemented soon).
-Fixed Trading accross the river in Catherby.
-Raised the succeed rate for Thieving.
-You can now regain ALL Family Crest Gauntlets if you lose them by going to respective brother.
-Fixed a bug in Tourist trap quest where you couldn't re-enter the mercenary area after completing the quest.

Update #20: Bug Fixes, Shantay Shop & Temple of Ikov

-Temple of Ikov quest.
-Requirements to all ranged short/longbows added.
-Necromancers now spawn Zombies to fight for them.
-Ogre Island now has Jangerberries respawns which can be used for herblaw as well as boosting stats if ate (+2 attack, -1 def and strength, +1 hits and prayer)
-Agility shortcut to Ogre Island is now working (you must use a rope on the tree to swing across)
-Making Potion of Zamorak added.
-Potion of Zamorak drinking added (With the correct formula for stats decrease / increase).
-Zamorak level 29s added to the zamorak hut outside falador.
-Zamorak level 29s talk to dialogue added.
-Zamorak level 29s "curse be upon you" script added.
-Web Store (game shop) enter the amount you wish to buy for each subscription type information text added.
-Wild - Herb(guam) spawn at '269,2967' added.
-Wild - Tile grounditem at '280,2963', '285,2962', and '283,2956' added.
-Wild - Attack Potion (1 dose) spawn at '276,2961' added.
-After tokens purchase you will now return to www.rscrevolution.com website.
-Caroline (Sea slug quest) had wrong dialogue fixed.

Update #19: Couple bug fixes

-Rune plate requirements fixed.
-Dragon battle axe requirement fixed.
-Plague city quest fixed (after the biohazard quest release I accidentally broke plague city quest).
-Santa hat +3 magic bonus.
-Heros quest, the rockslide couldn't be cleared even though you had a pickaxe in your inventory. Also added the right requirement level 50 mining in order to clear it.
-Witches house quest could be repeatable, fixed.
-Thugs and Pirates are no longer retreating in combat when low HP.
-The Varrock gate for Family Crest and Biohazard has been fixed.

Update #18: Biohazard Quest!

-Tweaked the agility failing rate.

Start: Talk to Elena in her house in East Ardougne. She lives right across the road from where you started Plague City.

Length: Medium-Long

-Must have completed Plague City
-Level 33 magic for Telekinetic grab (optional)

Items needed: 10 coins

Monsters to kill: Level 22 Mourner

-3 Quest points
-King lathas Amulet
-Thieving experience
-NOTE: Use of the Combat Training Camp (which means you'll have to complete the biohazard quest to get in there again).
-NOTE: Ability to travel freely through the Ardounge wall gateway

For more information about the quest visit this link: http://runescapeclassic.wikia.com/wiki/Biohazard.

Next up is the Underground Pass quest!

Update #17: Yanille Dungeon + NPC Poisoning

Yanille Dungeon:
-agility obstacles replicated.
-Salarin The Twisted NPC replicated (Magic strikes is a good way of killing him - You won't gain any XP casting strike spells on him).
-Sinister Chest added and replicated (The chest requires Sinister Key to be opened, reward is 8 random herbs and one garanteed torstol).
-Missing npcs added.
-Sigbert the adventurer added.
-NPC Drops added.

NPC Poisoning:
-To prevent still being poisoned you could logout for it to reset - Fixed.
-The poisoning damage has now been replicated from real RSC.
-The damage dealt with one value, will then decreases by one, hitting five times with the lower value, and so on, like RSC.
-If you get poisoned while you're already poisoned by a npc, it will reset the damage process again.

-Fixed the questlist.

Update #16: Android, Google Play

-Our client now support Android.
-RuneQuest (RSCRevolution) App name has been published on Google Play.
-Android Section has been added to our forums.

Update #15: Small things

Added 4 rats to two corners inside the Castle at lvl 13 wilderness
Fixed Yanille Agility staircase taking you outside by Fight Arena