Christmas 2016 (w/ 2xp weekend)

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Greetings RSCR family!

It's the most wonderful time of the year for RuneScape... Winter has arrived!

We will be holding a special Christmas Event from Friday, December 23rd PST until the New Year.
In addition, we will hold double experience rates this weekend from Friday until Sunday, December 25th 23:59 UTC.

As the weather changes, you'll notice some snow beginning to fall in-game which will mean the double experience has started.

You haven't played RuneScape Classic until you've had a snowball fight in Edgeville on Christmas!

Christmas of course means new cosmetic rares and new content. You'll want to talk to Santa in Edgeville to get started on tasks for a shot at the new items, but there are more daring ways to acquire them. Seasoned adventurers, Santa has a mission for you...

...An avalanche has revealed a new dangerous lair at the heart of uncharted mountain terrain. At the center of it lives the Grincher, a spiteful and ancient demon with only one goal: to destroy good cheer forever. To save Christmas for the people of RuneScape, you'll have to use strength and guile to defeat the foul boss and return his stolen Christmas treasure!

And of course, you will want to train your character(s) since all NPCs have a chance of dropping the new seasonal items too. The higher level the NPC, and if in wildy the higher level wildy, makes them more likely to drop the new content. And you'll just have to show up to find out what the new items are wink

See you in-game,
Billy, n0m and RSCRevolution Staff

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Questions, concerns? Shoot me a PM on forums or in-game.
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Looks really cool, I can't wait to give it a shot. smile

+1 guys great job.


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YEES! Great job!

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Wow.. first there was Halloween now this!  Jagex never put in this much effort.. ever.

team australia

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Nice! You're already giving more than I deserve lol.

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Countdown to Double Experience


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Very nice fam

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Looks awesome!!!!!!! big_smile

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Sounds sick. Gonna actually play for this!

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Au2er said:

Wow.. first there was Halloween now this!  Jagex never put in this much effort.. ever.

That's all I can really say as well besides YUSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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Winter in RSC looks sexy!

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Amazing! I knew you guys wouldn't disappoint when it came to Xmas big_smile can't wait

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Awesome cant wait to enjoy this!


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+1 Been prepping since just after Halloween I'm ready

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Thankyou for the amount of effort you put into these events. Great job n0m, looking forward to it

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My nips r poppin!

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Good job with the Christmas effects... But sad there is totally no snow outside right now , and seems to be only rain. +3C* in Estonia...

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