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The event is a free for all fight event that will be completely anonymous, there will be no way to distinguish each other in game. But there is a another kicker, in the event area ground items will never disappear, so whoever is the last man standing will get a bank chest spawned in the event arena and will be able to pick up all the sweet loot dropped by players. That means quite a few rune sets in the end and you'll be able to focus on getting those noobs annihilated during the fight! How many sets exactly? Impossible to say, but there will be loads, because no one will be allowed into the e... Read more

Posted by Kleio.

Legends Quest Release

We are happy to announce that Legends quest is now available for completion, now is your chance to become a true RSCR Legend!

Legends quild now will require completion of the quest to enter it.
We have listened to your feedback and we are once again allowing players with 1400+ skill total into the legends quild and allowing them to wear the Cape of Legends.

Dragon Square Shield now will require the completion, if you don't want to or are unable to do the quest because of the specific character build you're going for, you can buy the rights to wear the shie... Read more

Posted by Kleio.

Hi all,

As the winter wonderland approaches its end, we wanted to tell you about two features that were added during this holiday.


The wilderness hotspot is a king-of-the-hill style PKing location which you must control to gain its benefits.
Recently, we have added a rotation back to it as well as reimagined its benefits.

To control hotspot, be the only party occupying it.
Players in control of hotspot receive the following:
1. Hotspot tokens
---Hotspot tokens are dropped by NPCs inside the hotspot.
---They can be e... Read more

Posted by Billy.

Countdown to removal of the Christmas event:


Elf Merchant will stay in Edgeville till sunday.

Event runs from Saturday Dec 23 until the New Year!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Looks like winter has come to RuneScape! Winter means snow, and snow means snowball fights!

How the Grincher Stole Christmas

A big green demon has returned to RuneScape to muck up the yuletide!
Talk to [b]Sa... Read more

Posted by Billy.


It has come to our attention that other RuneScape Private Servers have experienced a data breach. Unfortunately, some of our players use the same password here as elsewhere regardless of server or game version.

If you are one of these players, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD TO SOMETHING UNIQUE IMMEDIATELY. We deeply value your security and privacy as a player, and so should you! You should also change your RSCR password(s) if you have not done so since November 2016.

RSCRevolution has not been affected in this case, thanks to our professional and dedicated staff. Our dev... Read more

Posted by Billy.


We at RSCRevolution would like to wish our American friends a cozy and comfortable Thanksgiving!

We're grateful for you, the players. Your passion keeps this game alive, nearly 15 years after JAGeX tried to retire it! Like you, we are motivated by a pure love of the game that has only grown since 2001. Nothing gives us more pleasure than breathing fresh life into Classic RuneScape, while staying true to the intended look and feel of the game. That's how we've served ... Read more

Posted by Billy.

We'd like to congratulate and extend a warm welcome to our newest moderators!

These players were chosen for their deep knowledge, helpfulness, and teamwork in all aspects of the game and community. Please welcome:

-Mod Cola, who is the player Pepsi 24.
-Mod Hadez, who is the player Thueva (returning staff),
-Mod Ultra, who is the player Ultranome,
Add their mod accounts in game! Modding can be tough and thankless so please be nice to them smile

[color=white]Also, congrats to [b]Mod W... Read more

Posted by Billy.

November Newsletter

First, thank you for supporting RSCR during Halloween!
We had a really successful event, with record-breaking population counts!
We expect to see even more for an epic Christmas time in December big_smile
Previous months saw additions of treasure trails, epic events and cosmetics, and we have more in store.
But November will be all about improving our core server functionality and features, while reworking underutilized content with great potential.

Wining Stake Solution

We know some players have been shy to stake late... Read more

Posted by Billy.
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