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On the 31st December there are going to be a New Year Quest! You will need a few skill requirements in order to complete the quest and get your christmas cracker. Prepare your account!

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  • Ascension just completed Doric's quest quest! He now has 1 quest points

    9 seconds ago...

  • Pop has achieved level-98 in strength!

    16 seconds ago...

  • Dess just completed Witch's potion quest! He now has 41 quest points

    9 minutes ago...

  • Dess just completed Prince Ali rescue quest! He now has 40 quest points

    32 minutes ago...

  • Deepslumber has achieved level-98 in hits!

    47 minutes ago...

  • You Just just completed Lost City (members) quest! He now has 7 quest points

    51 minutes ago...

  • Dess just completed Pirate's treasure quest! He now has 37 quest points

    1 hour ago...

  • Dess just completed Fishing contest (members) quest! He now has 35 quest points

    2 hours ago...

  • Sex has achieved level-94 in magic!

    3 hours ago...

  • Neilkeps has achieved level-92 in strength!

    8 hours ago...

  • Hemm0 has achieved level-95 in strength!

    8 hours ago...

  • Statue just completed Fight Arena (members) quest! He now has 14 quest points

    10 hours ago...

  • Hitman has achieved level-93 in hits!

    12 hours ago...

  • Kilo just completed Witch's potion quest! He now has 24 quest points

    13 hours ago...

  • Kilo just completed Sheep shearer quest! He now has 23 quest points

    14 hours ago...

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Username Level
Paul Paul 1448
The Kapn The Kapn 1422
Balor 1401
Yoyo Y0s 1375
AnarchX 1304
Mod Jebby 1292
mathew 1265
Hobbster12 1260
sosssepp 1258

Ironman in RSCRevolution? What is Ironman? Visit the Ironman thread in the general section at our forums for more info.

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