We have two new moderators that we are happy to announce to you guys, Mod Jacob & Mod God!

Mod Jacob is Jacob2093 in-game. He has been playing for half a year and is one of those people that is extremely helpful in-game but doesn't boast about it. He plays a lot and is well mannered and we are happy to have him be one of our newest moderators to join ... Read more

Posted by Pluto.

Hello all,

We will be holding a double experience event this Thursday - Sunday (UTC+1 time). This gives everyone a chance to participate as some people work weekends while most have off.

The event will start 12:00 AM (0:00) UTC + 1 on Thursday.
The event will end 12:00 AM (0:00) UTC + 1 on Monday.

Here is a count down for how long you have left of double exp:
[url]http:... Read more

Posted by Pluto.

For the past few weeks I have done alot of traveling, enjoying nature and just relaxing in general, trying to spend as much time as possible with my girlfriend that is going to China on September 5th for 6months or maybe a year.

When you‘re on vacation you should leave your worries behind and enjoy the moment, but you start thinking about life, the future, where you‘r... Read more

Posted by Mod Kleio.

The time has come for me to move on to other things, and so I am resigning as moderator and leaving the RSCR community.  It's been a great time, a great experience, I have made many friends, and I'm happy for all of it.  This is the best server out there and I'm really fortunate to have been a part of the staff.  Thank you Fate and n0m for running it so well, thanks to Plu... Read more

Posted by Mod Sno.

Server is back online!
The game server is currently down, we are aware.
No promises to get this fixed immediately. Fate and n0m are probably sleeping and won't be awake for a couple hours.
We'll keep you updated when we have something new to tell you.

Posted by Pluto.


Let me first say that we aren't compromised. If you have a unique password on here, like you should, you have nothing to worry about. HOWEVER, if you used the same password on here (as forum login, as in-game character logins) then you need to change your password IMMEDIATELY.

I don't want to go into extreme detail as it could cause more damage than good...someone... Read more

Posted by Pluto.

As you have probably noticed we suffered some downtime. At first it was slow load times, then it turned into inaccessible servers. Ever since then Fate has been working many hours to get the website and game back up and running. As of now, the website is working, however the game client is not.

EDIT: Server is up and running! Enjoy / Fate.

The game client should b... Read more

Posted by Pluto.

!!! New Poll !!!

Hey Guys,

We have a new poll on the main page of the website. You got a small taste of the pets a few weeks back
Now we would like your feedback if this is something you would like to see in the future of rscr!
Its up to the community whether or not we actually implement this, your vote does count!

Please only once vote per person, not forum name we want to actually s... Read more

Posted by Mod Savage.
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