You can once again enjoy RSCRevolution on android. Please update your app, if you run into any issues while updating, uninstall the application and download a new one from our website.

Posted by Mod Kleio.

Halloween Event

Halloween has come to the world of RuneScape!

This Halloween we have a new addition of not only items, but also we are releasing the long awaited equipment tab.

We have two new cosmetic items released: Reaper’s hood and Hunter’s cape. These items will be obtainable thru spooky npcs like skeletons, zombies, spiders, demons, hellhounds, otherworldly beings. Killing t... Read more

Posted by n0m.

I have some news for you, and I will be explaining why not much progress has been made, how things became a mess and why that is about to change.

On June 30th, Fate posted that he will be stepping down as an owner and I will be given the ownership, however things did not go as planned and hurt my motivation. The exciting news is that Fate proposed a deal about a week ago... Read more

Posted by n0m.

We are currently running a series of 3's boxing events, there will be 8 public tournaments and then a final tournament for the grand prize that only the winners of the public tournaments will have a chance to win.

Upcomming event is this saturday 7PM UTC (timer available in the post)

Huge thanks to our player Zubrils for his initiati... Read more

Posted by Mod Kleio.

Staff Changes

Hi RSCR Family,

Our previous community manager, Pluto, has stepped down from the position. In Pluto's absence, I will be stepping up as the newest administrator. So, if you have any questions, concerns, problems with staff or players, broken bank PIN, etc. etc., please feel free to reach out to me in-game or on... Read more

Posted by Billy.

Hello RSCRevolution family.

As many of you already know, last week our website was deliberately attacked and vandalized, so we wanted to let the community know where we stand.

First off about the attack, our database was never hacked, so your forum account password should be safe, same for your forum email address. However we have a donation log on the website backend w... Read more

Posted by n0m.


I made my decision awhile ago, but found it appropriate to leave the server once all of the hacking mess was cleaned up (and no, the hacking wasn't "my fault", my admin account wasn't the one used in the hacking).

I started playing May of last year, and have had a blast since then. I've been a staff member for a year now, originally being a moderator in September of last ... Read more

Posted by Pluto.

As you might be aware, we are attempting to recover from an intentional attack on us. We are doing everything within our powers to get everything back up and running securely and properly.

At this time, for those of that you have logged in while the server was online, if you had lost items in your bank account or experienced any stat changes on your characters you should ... Read more

Posted by Pluto.
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