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  • Mythdrift has achieved level-92 in strength! 14 minutes ago...

  • Xxwahdiixx has just won a stake against K1ng O I3ox 17 minutes ago...

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Should casting delay be reduced?

  • 41%- Keep current - 1.6 seconds
    19 votes
  • 59%- Reduce to 1.2 seconds
    27 votes
  • Hardened-rune armour

    Chances are your runite armour was smithed from pure runite, pure runite can be heated to extremely high temperatures and this extreme heat will harden the armour.

    Hot enough furnace for this purpose is locate... Read more

    Posted by n0m.

    We have previously optimized server for performance and less lagg, enabled multi-logging temporarily to please our PKing community. Well today we bring something new on the table, and we would like you to go test it out and give us feedback!

    King of the Castle:

    Due to team territory being the only area that has PKing action and that area is highly focused on having... Read more

    Posted by n0m.

    well i have hit 1 bill in items/cash by i promised i will have a big drop party.not sure on total amount but i know ive already spent 70m on clearing ah of armour,subs etc.thats not even counting the things ive won that im dropping.lets keep this server going strong and invite as many as you can..also i wanna shake it up abit doin a callout to maddog.befo... Read more

    Posted by Cdawson88.

    Item Restoration

    As you know, we decided to run a double experience event through Sunday in light of yesterday's 48-hour item rollback.

    In addition, we are pleased to announce that we will be able to issue conditional item restorations for players affected by yesterday's rollback. Due to the circumstances, this will mainly benefit players who grinded items, and not ... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    Due to 2 days Inventory/Bank/Equipment Rollback we are having a double experience event, the event ends on Sunday 11:00PM GMT.

    Posted by n0m.


    I'm sorry to inform you about this unfortunate event, due to major untraceable dupe on the new improved market house we have to roll back inventories, banks, and equipment to 2 days back. Around 7.5B GP was introduced in game and possibly a lot more than that in items.

    To compensate for this unfortunate event we'll be starting off with a double experience event th... Read more

    Posted by n0m.

    Greetings RSCR Family!

    We all share an enthusiasm for this game, so here's an opportunity to take it to the next level. Reintroducing...

    RSCR Outreach Contest!

    The challenge: Make posts elsewhere that will entice people to play RSCRevolution wherever you sense we may be able to appeal to people's nostalgia!

    [color=yellow][b]The guidelines:[... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    Hey guys and gals,

               I've been asked alot lately if I can do an Ironman event. Well now that easter is over I Am going to start running it roughly every 3 months to not make it too OP, but just something to give those brave warriors that take on this game alone a little break.
    I know many Ironman have came in the past to these and for those of you that are new t... Read more

    Posted by Mod Savage.
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    • Server: Online

    • Players online: 43

    • Characters: 62,820

    • Active players during 48 hours: 1,288

    • Registrations Today: 30

    • XP Rates:

      • Combat:

        Normal: 8x Subscribed: 9x Platinum + Gold: 11x
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        Normal: 2x Subscribed: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x
      • Additional:

        Wilderness: +1x Skulled: +0.5x

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