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Should casting delay be reduced?

  • 31%- Keep current - 1.6 seconds
    121 votes
  • 69%- Reduce to 1.2 seconds
    273 votes
    • Deadman Mode

      Fight anywhere!


    We'd like to congratulate and extend a warm welcome to all our newest moderators!

    The following players were chosen for exhibiting a deep knowledge, experience, helpfulness, and teamwork in all aspects of the game and community. Without further ado...

    -Mod Coney, who is the player Coneymontana,
    -Mod Devon, who is the player Devon21,
    -Mod Mama, who is the player Mama / Macy,
    -Mod Rah, who is the player Wellasusual,
    -Mod White, who is the player Mr White.

    Add these mods in-game!

    -Also, congratulations to Mod Elo who got promoted from regular event mo... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    Deadman Mode has been released

    Deadman mode is a new gamemode you might have heard thing or two about on OldSchool RuneScape, the difference being that we will execute this idea more like iron-man than running a separate server and this game mode is not seasonal. We are not creating a new server or a world, deadmen will play along with regural players
    Deadman mode rules are the following:

    General mechanics:

    -Full World PVP, except in safe zones:  Edgeville, Falador, Yanille and every bank apart from Shantay pass
    -Specific parts of world are multi-combat areas, majority of world... Read more

    Posted by n0m.

    Hello, adventurers! We are proud to announce that Shilo Village quest is now available! Shilo Village itself is now fully replicated as well and completion of the quest is required to enter the village.


    Now you will have to have 106 Quest Points to wear the the Quest Cape, if you don't have the required points the cape won't be removed, you just won't be able to equip it. But... Players who obtained the Quest Cape illegally, without having at least 100 QP, beware...

    This image posted is some interesting RSC trivia, did you know that if yo... Read more

    Posted by Mod Kleio.

    Hi all, we are scheduling some events to give away tokens and masks so you have some additional chances to win them during this summer special.

    The next event is: 7pm PST - Event for black unicorn mask hosted by Mod Savage.
    bla_1499047200.pngRefresh for countdown

    Check back here to see when the mask events will occur, especially since we will be giving away ONE OF EACH MASK in events in the coming days!


    Wed June 21st

    [s]7pm PST  - one ticket 2... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    Howdy RSCRevolutionaries,

    It's getting hot out there (or cold out there depending on where you are), which means that summer is finally here. That means it's time to celebrate with our new Summer Event which runs until July 2nd!


    New Launcher

    Before I discuss the event, we have a new all-in-one launcher so you'll have to download it and replace the old launcher in order to play. The new launcher integrates announcements and update logs for your own ease, and an option to access the website and forums, world map, as well ... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    Greetings all,

    Happy weekend! Here's your weekly newsletter. As mentioned in the last newsletter we have some irons in the fire including slayer and treasure trails, so here's some updates on our progress.

    First up, the development of slayer which we are hoping to have live as soon as possible. We've designed and implemented the 6 taskmasters of unique location, appearance and background. Each master has unique tasks, and each task has unique weight so some are less likely assignments than others. Each slayer master also ... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    Hi RSCRevolution family, we'd like to take this opportunity to share with you the updates that are coming in the near future, and sum up the development that's been going on here!
    It's been an exciting time for new content. As you'll recall, last month we added a new marketplace with buy and sell items tabs, hardened rune armor pieces, and more. But that's just the beginning of what we have in store for you.

    Upcoming: Slayer & Treasure Trails

    First, we would like to confirm that a 19th skill, slayer, will be released alongside six slayer masters and new NPCs, items, and equipment to be a... Read more

    Posted by Billy.

    Hardened-rune armour

    Chances are your runite armour was smithed from pure runite, pure runite can be heated to extremely high temperatures and this extreme heat will harden the armour.

    Hot enough furnace for this purpose is located in underground of Lava Maze.

    You have 15% chance for succesfully hardening your large rune helmet, platebody, or plate leg armour piece, if you fail then your item is gone forever.

    The high temperature smithing of... Read more

    Posted by n0m.
    Item Name Amount Price (Total / Each) Expires in Status


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    • Server: Online

    • Players online: 88

    • Characters: 69,170

    • Active players during 48 hours: 1,540

    • Registrations Today: 47

    • XP Rates:

      • Combat:

        Normal: 8x Subscribed: 9x Platinum + Gold: 11x
      • Skills:

        Normal: 2x Subscribed: 3x Platinum + Gold: 4x
      • Additional:

        Wilderness: +1x Skulled: +0.5x

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