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Digsite Quest

We are happy to announce that Digsite quest is now available for completion! Only legends quest is now left!


Along with the quest release we pushed a few fixes and tweaks:

-Made bank search easier to click
"Toggle Combat Style Selector Always off/Always On/In Combat"
-Fixed issue causing 0xp popup
-The menu you scroll is now decided by where your mouse cursor is.
-Fixed loot menu going over top (which is why you couldnt see other things than bones on Droid sometimes)
-Removed automatic door closing
-Increased scroll bar width ( For Android )
-Fixed being a... Read more

Posted by Mod Kleio.

In-Game Guide Interfaces

Hi all,

After years of using RSC fan guides like RSC Wikia and Tip.It, we decided it was time to create our own guides that we can access at our very fingertips in-game! Now you can check our Bestiary, Skill Guides and Quest Guides...
...all from right inside the game client!


The bestiary can be accessed from the new guides tab next to stats and quests.

It contains all monsters, their combat levels, live drops, and can be easily searched.

Think of it as your RuneScape Pokédex.

[img] Read more

Posted by Billy.

Thanks for Supporting the Revolution!


Walking around in-game today, it seemed crowded. Not only was Edgeville packed, the kill-feed lively, but I was constantly running into people all over in esoteric locations throughout the map. It was hard not to notice how much our server and community is flourishing!

Then I checked the player count: 170 characters were online, with forecasts slated even higher for the days to come! Think of it, over 130 unique fans of RuneScape Classic on one world together 16 years lat... Read more

Posted by Billy.


As announced in our September Newsletter, we have been preparing some adjustments to wilderness and PKing.

The only way for us to see a thriving PK scene is for classic PKers to join our flourishing community, and our multi-stage plan will guarantee that! The following is now live:

Double the Obelisks, Half the Travel Time

To help you traverse the vast wilderness very quickly, there are now a total of twelve (12) wilderness obelisk teleport platforms, having just added six (6) new ones.

Simply a... Read more

Posted by Billy.

September 2017 Newsletter

Hi all,

We know you've been busy solving treasure trails and fighting deadmen, but we wanted to give some preview of our future updates, as well as request some feedback on our choices for development!


Mod Kleio has been developing a new minigame, originally based on the mod-run hunger games events but also taking influence from the new famous survivalism shooter PUBG. The goal is to be the last person alive, and this is accomplished by out-looting, out-fightin... Read more

Posted by Billy.

Clue Scroll Treasure Trails!

We are beyond excited to announce the official release of RSCRevolution Treasure Trails!

b1db0a93533b8b08ebfc9ca4d87c9dcb.pngTrimmed (g) and trimmed (t) sets of armor. Note: rune trim is actually blue, not white, I have to update the photo.

New trimmed armors

Once you solve the last clue scroll in your trail, you'll be rewarded with treasure. It could be some gems, enchanted rings, coins, or other materials, but there is also a rare chance for your loot to include some of the most coveted armor RuneScape Class... Read more

Posted by Billy.

We'd like to congratulate and extend a warm welcome to all our newest moderators!

The following players were chosen for exhibiting a deep knowledge, experience, helpfulness, and teamwork in all aspects of the game and community. Without further ado...

-Mod Coney, who is the player Coneymontana,
-Mod Devon, who is the player Devon21,
-Mod Mama, who is the player Mama / Macy,
-Mod Rah, who is the player Wellasusual,
-Mod White, who is the player Mr White.

Add these mods in-game!

-Also, congratulations to Mod Elo who got promoted from regular event mo... Read more

Posted by Billy.

Deadman Mode has been released

Deadman mode is a new gamemode you might have heard thing or two about on OldSchool RuneScape, the difference being that we will execute this idea more like iron-man than running a separate server and this game mode is not seasonal. We are not creating a new server or a world, deadmen will play along with regural players
Deadman mode rules are the following:

General mechanics:

-Full World PVP, except in safe zones:  Edgeville, Falador, Yanille and every bank apart from Shantay pass
-Specific parts of world are multi-combat areas, majority of world... Read more

Posted by n0m.
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  • 34%- 3. Don't disable any rings.
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